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Goofy secretly moves across the street

2014-04-27 14:23:41 by whowillwin

This user (Simbaholic) made the loop a few whiles ago and she found it hilarious. :-D She upload it to make it funny because she (by herself) is moving a couple of months ago. Tell me what you think because I already moved to a different state.

I watch it and I laugh. XD


Taken from "How To Be a Spy" from House of Mouse (but it's a cartoon). 

The following program shows about Microsoft Sam. The video product shows funny stuff. Do not be like such a nonsense.
Hey, check this out. It's about that speech voice demo and the video is what I'm talking about.

Microsoft Sam is a Microsoft Windows Speech Voice. One YouTube User, called ThunderBirds101, has an idea. He makes a series called "Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Errors!". This is gonna be a comedy. Funny.
But one time this happened. One day, an another YouTube user, Mr. Cool, makes this idea from Thunderbirds101's series. But it is the different ones (original version: Thunderbirds101). He makes a short. This is called "Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Errors!", but this time, that video is in his version. It was made by NintendoBro1000.

Here's the thing: Sometimes one YouTube user make "Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Errors!" in their version.

Check out this video. Watch it now! Summary: This is a short, short video when I got bored. Enjoy!

Speech Demo for MP3:

When you are at Cognable, it's at the Speeka Speech Demo Page. You can make an mp3.
Click here! The voice is available for only MS Sam.

Thank you learning this program post and enjoy.

Cool Windows Theme on Wii

2013-08-15 16:01:17 by whowillwin

Hey check this out, there's a Windows XP Theme on Wii. The video is by Superguy900 from YouTube.

NUTS!: My Bad and Sad Story

2013-08-07 15:57:30 by whowillwin

No way! NO NO NO! This is not good! Both Bad Piggies and Angry Birds is has been banned! I want it back! I hate this!

But... That's no good. I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE! ...But how? W-why?

This is what M-Bot said to me when banned Bad Piggies and Angry Birds Theme.

Bad Piggies: : You have been banned from submitting audio by Back-From-Purgatory.
: Reason: Newgrounds is not a filesharing site, we do not allow copyrighted audio.
: Ban Expires: 1 month from now

Angry Birds: : You have been banned from submitting audio by BrokenDeck.
: Reason: Repeated theft of audio. Newgrounds Audio Portal is for uploading original audio content only. You are not allowed to upload music that does not belong to you.
: Ban Expires: 11/5/13

This is not a jackpot. Sorry. :(

Remember, bad things happen when some user banned your audio. That's no good. That's bad.
That's what happen to my audios. Too late.

This is a bad and a sad story of "The Banning Audios". And P.S. Never happen again.


2013-08-06 15:42:24 by whowillwin

Guess what?

When I download Bad Piggies Theme from Mediafire, I think I will hit the jackpot when I publish on this, Newgrounds.
Then, I make the audio to see if it work. When I publish, I said "JACKPOT! YEAH!" What a big surprise I've got! :D

LIsten to the theme from Bad Piggies, the game from the creators of Angry Birds!
CHECK THIS OUT! I'm happy about this part! Wahoo!

August 2nd

2013-08-01 05:24:52 by whowillwin

August 2nd, guess what?
I`m coming back to my hometown. Thank you for letting me coming back.
I will be at home at August 3rd.

Sanrio Harmony Land

2013-07-19 02:42:38 by whowillwin

Have you never seen this? Do you like Hello Kitty or other sanrio characters? Go to Sanrio Harmony land at Oita, Japan.
Kitty Castle:This is the lovely house in which "Hello Kitty" lives. If you go into inside, you can surely meet "Hello Kitty".And you can take a photograph with Kitty. Every time the seasons change, "Hello Kitty" changes clothes as the seasons change. It is one of the most popular attractions in Harmonyland.
Rhythmic Coaster:This is the roller coaster in the form of roller skating. It is full of thrills.Children age 4 and under, and expectant women can not use this attraction.
Harmony Train:A train going around Harmonyland.The upper area is 60 meters higher than the lower area.The stations are Harmony park Station and Carnival Square Station.Capacity :About 50`60 people on one train. About 10 minute ride.
Sanrio Characters Boat ride:You ride on an lovely boat. And you can go around Characters' world like a dream.
Large Ferris Wheel "WONDER PANORAMA":The cages are in the form of the faces of popular characters.You can see the Beppu Bay from a height of 60 meters above the ground.
Lovely Angel Coaster of Hello Kitty:3-year olds and over can ride on this coaster.
Sky Jet:You operate a jet by yourself. And you can go around White Bird Square.
Sky Fun:You ride on the elephant's back and go on a pleasant sky trip !
Strawberry Cafe:Let's ride in lovely characters' coffee cups.
Fairy Kitty Carousel:The very lovely 2- storied- Carousel of Fairy Kitty.
Popfn Smile:Let's ride on a lovely gondola and enjoy a party feeling ! and this attraction is the optimal place for taking a photograph.
Game Plaza:Enjoy various games! You get points and can get character goods in exchange.
Live shows
Live Entertainment
Harmonyland has many lovely shows on everyday and that they are given a special version on a seasonal basis.
Following are shows offered daily;
PARADE NOAH:The legendary Noah returns from the far universe.The goddess of light gHello kittyh and her great friends carry the present from the universe."The present from the universe" which Noah carries is a dream, hope, friendship, courage, and love.
Happy Birthday show Happy HarmonyTown!:This is a pleasant musical performed at the" Birthday Square " of a wonderful "Happy Harmony Town". Congratulating those on their birthday and birthmonth are Kitty and Cinamon,and the pleasant residents ofHappy Harmony Town.Those not on their bithday can have a fun time also. To be congratulated on the stage are those whose birthday falls on gthis dayh. To be congratulated in the audience seats are those whose birthday falls on gthis monthh. For you to be congratula'"ed, you need something certfying your birthday.(30 minutes long in White Bird Square Zone)
Season special shows are;
PARADE AQUA:A powerful fountain blowing up! Fantastic mist springing up! The area of show getting wrapped in water!. It is a parade of summer in swing. There is also a scene of water play. This show is full of coolness! Characters become fairies of water. Let's enjoy the summer together with CINNAMON, KITTY , MELODY, KUROMI and others.(30minutes long in Harmony village Zone)
The times and contents of the shows are subject to cancellation or change. The show programs change every day.

Enjoy :)

Follow me!

2013-07-16 03:24:38 by whowillwin

Follow me here. Be a fan of friend of mine!

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connecting to japan

2013-07-07 21:43:27 by whowillwin

yes, i will not miss you.
you will say have fun. thanks.

I'm leaving to Japan

2013-06-27 13:33:48 by whowillwin

I'll miss you now, I'm leaving to Japan only June 28, 2013 to August 2, 2013.
Until next time, take it well, take it easy, take it safe, and take it fine.

I love you guys. See you until I come back.